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Sourceforge has rejected to host my port of FinalBurn. :(( After 32 days waiting for an answer (yes, they say they usually answer in 48 hours) they have decided not to accept the project. So... I'll have to continue in this poor free web server.

Subject: [ alexandria-Support Requests-466000 ] Project registration rejection: fblinux
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:27:03 -0800

Support Requests item #466000, was opened at 2001-09-28 04:03
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Category: Project Reg. Problem
>Group: Second Level Support
>Status: Closed
>Priority: 5
Submitted By: Daniel Moreno (comac)
Assigned to: Jacob Moorman (moorman)
>Summary: Project registration rejection: fblinux

Initial Comment:
While trying to register the project "fblinux", it got
rejected becouse of it's description. In case it helps,
here it is a more complete one. If not, I'd like to
know the concrete cause of the rejection.

Description: FinalBurn for Linux is a port of Dave's
FinalBurn and includes code from FinalBurn Alpha to
increase the number of playable games. It's a
CPS1/CPS2/Sega arcade games emulator using SDL for
graphics and sound. It should run from a framebuffer
console, via svgalib or under X. (althought it's
intended to be run under X) It's written in C/C++ and,
with my modifications, should compile and run fine on
systems other that Linux. (it's known to compile under
QNX, for instance) As long as the platform has a C
compiler, Nasm and a 80x86 processor, it'll run.


>Comment By: Jacob Moorman (moorman)
Date: 2001-10-29 11:27

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Greetings, provides hosting for Open Source software
development projects. hosts both projects
which use existing Open Source licenses, and those projects
which comply with the Open Source Definition, as maintained
by the OSI.  Based on the Open Source Definition, this
project does not appear to be Open Source Software, and
hence, is not eligible for hosting on

A copy of the Open Source Definition may be found at:

Should you have further questions or concerns regarding this
matter, please re-open this support request and add a

Thank you,

Jacob Moorman
Quality of Service Manager,


Comment By: Trae McCombs (mccombs)
Date: 2001-10-01 07:18

Logged In: YES 


This support request appears to have been submitted in response
to a project registration rejection notice.  Submitting a support
request is indeed the correct
method to help us to remediate any issues we found with your
project registration initially. 

This support request will be reviewed by a member of the support team shortly.  If we require additional
information at that time, we will ask for that information and
you may respond by adding a comment to this support request.  If
there is some reason why is unable to host your
project, we will provide specific details at that time.

If you are not sure why your original project registration was
rejected, we will add a comment to this support request detailing
that information when your support request is reviewed by staff.  This detail will likely consist of
questions from the staff about your project;
pending response to any questions we send to you, your project
registration will be reconsidered.

If you should have any questions regarding the status of this
support request, project hosting requirements, or the project
registration process, please add a comment to this support

Thank you, support team


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