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 List of news: 

  • Life Over: During life, i've seen all my major ilusions frustrated. It was not possible for me to participate in any demoscene party when I was 14-16, it will never possible to get a job I like, later it turned out that it will never be possible to get a job I don't hate, etc... and today I've lost the only valuable thing I had left: my boyfriend. :'( He was the only thing left giving a sense to my life.

    So... there are no reasons left for me to do anything anymore. And this includes the emulator.

    In the downloads section I've put what I have done untill today. The code is not ready for a release yet, and don't try to get it working unless you are a C/C++ programmer. I have it here so that anyone can take it and continue the project. If you are interested in doing so, please, mail me first, so that I can tell you if someone has allready started. (probably joining the effors of this other person will be more productive than starting your own version)

    I've written a "todo" list with what I had planned to do. If you decide to continue this project, this may give you some hints about how to get started and what needs to be done first. You can take a look at it here.

    BTW: anyone needs an amateur photographer in Barcelona (Spain)? I know about "conventional" photography and have experience in digital one and image processing (I myself wrote a ICC-profile colorspace converter). mail me if so.

    And... that's all folks. Bye, bye. :(
  • New oficial site at ( Emuunlim staff told me to hurry up so that the web was online before 25-dec, but they don't seem to hurry up very much setting up the things I need to have everything working. So... no downloads yet. Sorry.
  • FinalBurn Alpha 0.200 is out. The good news are better support for more games and that they have included my interpolation code. The bad ones are that it's pretty sad to see my own code failing to compile on my computer after the modifications done by the FBA team. :( As usual, FBA doesn't seem to be intended to build on anything other than Win32. It will require quite some work to fix this and I'm pretty busy right now. (the university, the job, the hospital, my boyfriend, etc...) So... I'll try.
  • Sourceforge has rejected to host my port of FinalBurn. :(( After 32 days waiting for an answer (yes, they say they usually answer in 48 hours) they have decided not to accept the project. So... I'll have to continue in this poor free web server. (read more)
  • I'm pretty busy in my new job. My current shedule is work-sleep-work-sleep... In adition, my boyfriend and me have parted. :''( All this means that the next release will be greatly delayed. But I DON'T quit the project!
  • New version released. This is a nearly official release!! There is a binary release and a source code release too. I hope next release will be the official one and to release it from SourceForge. By now, check this release and tell me what you find wrong. ;)
  • Trying to move to SourceForge. Dave's license does not make it specially easy, but I'll try. For now I have to wait 7 days, since I seem to have done som typo in my mail address and I'm not gettin the confirmation mail to register as a user in SourceForge. :(
  • I'm not dead. O:) It's just that the course has begun at university. So I have less time. I've incorporated some FinalBurn Alpha code into the port. This raises the number of games from 38 to 178. Also, code beautification is nearly complete. Next release will incorporate the 178 games and, probably, nice source code for those who don't want MMX or PPro optimitzations. It may also include some sort of documentation.
  • Finished the interpolation enhancements. Now both Sega and QSound games use it. See the links section.
  • New release for Linux. See the downloads section.
  • Hoonis has offered to mirror FinalBurn for Linux releases. So you'll have no longer to wait for this slow free server. ;) (thanks a lot, Hoonis!!)
  • Added my modifications to QSound mixing to provide 4 points interpolation (the interpolation used by AWE cards, for example). See the links section.

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