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 Latest News 

  • Life Over: During life, i've seen all my major ilusions frustrated. It was not possible for me to participate in any demoscene party when I was 14-16, it will never possible to get a job I like, later it turned out that it will never be possible to get a job I don't hate, etc... and today I've lost the only valuable thing I had left: my boyfriend. :'( He was the only thing left giving a sense to my life.

    So... there are no reasons left for me to do anything anymore. And this includes the emulator.

    In the downloads section I've put what I have done untill today. The code is not ready for a release yet, and don't try to get it working unless you are a C/C++ programmer. I have it here so that anyone can take it and continue the project. If you are interested in doing so, please, mail me first, so that I can tell you if someone has allready started. (probably joining the effors of this other person will be more productive than starting your own version)

    I've written a "todo" list with what I had planned to do. If you decide to continue this project, this may give you some hints about how to get started and what needs to be done first. You can take a look at it here.

    BTW: anyone needs an amateur photographer in Barcelona (Spain)? I know about "conventional" photography and have experience in digital one and image processing (I myself wrote a ICC-profile colorspace converter). mail me if so.

    And... that's all folks. Bye, bye. :(
  • New oficial site at ( Emuunlim staff told me to hurry up so that the web was online before 25-dec, but they don't seem to hurry up very much setting up the things I need to have everything working. So... no downloads yet. Sorry.
  • FinalBurn Alpha 0.200 is out. The good news are better support for more games and that they have included my interpolation code. The bad ones are that it's pretty sad to see my own code failing to compile on my computer after the modifications done by the FBA team. :( As usual, FBA doesn't seem to be intended to build on anything other than Win32. It will require quite some work to fix this and I'm pretty busy right now. (the university, the job, the hospital, my boyfriend, etc...) So... I'll try.
  • Sourceforge has rejected to host my port of FinalBurn. :(( After 32 days waiting for an answer (yes, they say they usually answer in 48 hours) they have decided not to accept the project. So... I'll have to continue in this poor free web server. (read more)
  • I'm pretty busy in my new job. My current shedule is work-sleep-work-sleep... In adition, my boyfriend and me have parted. :''( All this means that the next release will be greatly delayed. But I DON'T quit the project!

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 Project Description 

The emulator in actionFinalBurn is a CPS1/CPS2/System16 emulator for Win32 written by Dave. You can find it here. The main advantage of this emu is it's speed. Mame is very nice and so... but... FinalBurn is usable in my computer. (Pentium II - 266)

FinalBurn for Linux is this same emulator. Just ported to Linux. I've replaced the DirectDraw/DirectInput portions with SDL ones, solved some other minor portability problems, tweaked some thing to make it fast and... here it is for you to play without having to reboot. ;)

I've included code from FinalBurn Alpha, too. This increases the number of playable games. (and the troubles for building it O:) ) And last I've improved somewhat sound interpolation and filtering. Now you get better sound with less CPU usage.

Despites it's name, FinalBurn for Linux does NOT run on Linux only. It's known to work under Linux, BeOS and QNX. It's likely to work on other OSes as long as those are somewhat Posix compatible, have SDL support and run on x86 platforms. Porting to non-x86 platforms is not possible since the CPU emulation cores (both the M68k and Z80 ones) are written in x86 assembly.

Initially it was thought to run under XFree. But, using current SDL releases, it is possible to run it thru SVGALib or even on a FrameBuffer console.



Current requirements are:
  • Intel x86 machine. (probably a Pentium II if you want decent speed, but it will run on any 386 anyway)
  • Quite a big amount of memory. This depends on the game. 128 Mbs seems to be ok.
  • Posix-like OS. OSes known to work are: Linux, BeOS and QNX.
  • Usual GNU compiling tools. (gcc, make, sed, patch, etc...)
  • NASM (from
  • SDL library. (from

NOTE: You are encouraged to try to use the emulator under OSes and machines other than the ones listed here. If you succeed, please, tell me how you did it, so that I can add it to my code.


This is the source code of Dave's original FinalBurn together with my modifications to make it compile and run under Linux. It has a "configure" script and should compile and work on most systems. (unless you have RH's broken 2.96.3 compiler, of course)

This is the source code of my modifications to Dave's original FinalBurn ONLY (it does NOT include Dave's code).
This file is provided for developers wanting to continue the project, to make it easier for them to distinguish what is the original code and what are my modifications.

This is the source code of FinalBurn Alpha 230 together with my modifications to make it compile and run under Linux. Unlike finalburn_dave_complete.tar.bz2, this is an unfinished version. It has no configure script and may be difficult to build properly. Includes, among other things, preliminary joystick support (pretty buggy) and gamma correction (calibrated to convert the 2.2 gamma tv picture of the arcade machines to the 2.5 PC-monitor gamma, for now).

That's my todo list for the emulator. If you want to continuate the project, you can find some "hints" here.


 About me 

Two pictures of me

In case you are curious about this guy called ComaC, here you have some info about me. My real name is Daniel. I'm a spanish guy and, right now, I'm 28 years, 8 months and 29 days old.

I have a boyfriend. He's 1 month and 6 days younger than me and we have been together for 8 years, 0 months and 27 days right now. We've had some problems and parted some times. But we've never been able to resist being apart for more than one week. The last time we parted was for one week. And this was enought time to realize how much we love and need each other. I'm very lucky to have him with me. I'd be absolutely unable to face many of the problems I'm having without him supporting me. You can see some pictures of us here.

The professional side of my life is pretty complex and changing. So I'd better wait for it to settle down before writing about it. I can tell you I started computer science two years ago and I'd like to finish this career and end up working in something related to networks, audio/video, internet, games, consoles... basically anything but Windows. ;)

I've been into computers since I was 5 or so. During this time I've learned Basic with my ZX Spectrum 128 +2A, switched to PC, learned Pascal, C, Assembler, C++, Visual-those-things and any other thing I've found docs about. To practice, I've done quite some programs. From MS-DOS text mode databases to audio and video noise removal software or a GameBoy demo. (I even did some Windows programming!!!! ;-D ) You can take a look at some of them here. (link not ready yet, sorry)


 Contact Info 

In case you want/need to get in touch with me, here you are some ways. Just a suggestion: pretend you're NOT a winuser if you want me to be nice. };)

ICQ: 74363670


Modelines: just some modelines so that you can use the emulator at fullscreen under X. Included modes are "384x224@75", "384x224@85", "320x224@75" and "320x224@85"


FinalBurn related:
  • FinalBurn: The original emulator, by Dave. (Win32 only and discontinued)
  • FinalBurn Alpha: continuation/improvement of FinalBurn. (Win32 only)
Other projects of mine:
  • Naves: Some sort of flight game in OpenGL. Just an experiment. (Win32 & Linux)
  • Audio Meter: originally, a simple tool to adjust volumes before recording. Features vumeter, osciloscope and equalizer. Nice presentation using OpenGL (will be themeable).